Welcome to our youth page. Young people meet every Saturday at 6.00pm. They have games, songs, story time, and refreshments. Young people are taught and trained to be respectful, caring, loving, responsible and to listen to parents and adults. There are also outdoor activities from time to time. They go camping at school breaks and have great fun together. It is definitely much better to train a child than to mend an adult. If you have a child or children you are always welcome to bring them to the youth club. Everyone is welcome.





Sunday school at Onward Christian centre takes place on Sunday morning in the time that the pastor addresses the adults in the meeting.

 Children are taken from the service  and work on different topics throughput the year. All our children are of junior or early secondary school  age at present.

The aim is give the children an understanding of (and I hope a love for) the Christian faith through studying the Bible in ways suited to their ages and abilities.

Several of the children have been attending for years and have developed from typical activities, such as singing choruses, art and craft type sessions and listening to simple stories, to discussing current affairs in the light of Scripture and researching Scriptures themselves. They have become accustomed to praying freely and  have studied the persecuted church in other parts of the world, they are taught that the Church is a living  active fellowship throughout the world, not just a history lesson with no relevance for today.

For  basic doctrinal teaching I use materials from CEF , These resources include teachers' guides ( to refresh those well past Sunday school age!)as well as the materials for the children.

Children's Bibles of a good translation  quality were purchased and are used as much as possible as the source for lessons, whether it is a character study on a famous O.T  person  or a theme of  parables, miracles or events in the life of Christ - when the children are competent  readers they are encouraged  to  look up references, read around or as a group and generally learn to find their  way around the books , older students work with younger if needed .  The knowledge that God has His hand on the future is quite some comfort as they see more and more the troubles in the world.( The explosion of the internet in their generation has taken away so much fun and innocence from childhood)  One recent topic,  looking at what concerned them, raised over forty issues troubling the group, ranging from war to losing family members through illness or old age. We were able to look at the Scriptures , discuss  as much as they needed and be reassured. 


As they reach their teens  and a level of understanding they have the choice to continue in class or remain in for the adult service. Sometimes an older student may want time in the school to continue  be free to learn and to  ask questions in the informal situation.

The topics are often related to the on-going Bible studies the adults attend so that the children are meeting important subjects at their own level, my aim is to help them  grow up as new shoots of the same vine: to be following in the same footsteps so that their eventual integration into the  adult service is  a natural progression not a dramatic change. 

Recently the children moved into a larger room, this frees up the original  room for a crèche or infant Sunday school if the need arises...which would be an answered prayer !


The Youth Club has grown from this in a very natural way. The children developed friendships and it was a pleasure to be able to start taking them out on trips as they were old enough. The original trip over to visit my pony or walk with the dog  grew to  several  two day/one night camps in Saddleworth over the  last three years  and from this the idea of a club night for them in the week came about. 

We meet Saturday 6 until 7.30 and there are a range of activities to choose from with the emphasis on social skills and playing together, so there are lots of board games and puzzles, colouring, construction  as well as ball games and team games ,As the children grow their interests do change and sometimes the older ones like to sit and chat. They are able to withdraw to a quieter room if they need to. The adults who volunteer are able to listen to them and join in games in a way busy parents cannot often find time for. There are basic rules for safety but the  night is for their relaxation and fun after a week of school and as a recognition of their individual worth in society.

Other children have joined through the connection with my private tuition and this has led to a majority of non -church children attending- they are therefore under a Christian influence on a weekly basis, hearing a short message at the quiet time at the end of each session.Drink, biccy and Bible story) Some of these children have come to attend church  on Sunday mornings with their parents permission .

None of us stay the same age, the children are growing up so quickly; the challenge is to keep their interest and their young faith alive, keep them interested and part of the church family as a whole, I pray that the adults realise that their witness now  makes the difference to these young lives and that each and every one of us reaches out to encourage and to feed these lambs. 


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