Saturday 7th January is the first day back for youth club this year.

The age range  of the children attending is probably between 6 yrs to 12 yrs but individuals vary, some bring younger brothersand sisters and some have been here a few years and aren't ready to leave.

There is a maximum number who can attend, given the space and the adult support  available but there is room for a few more children to join us. If needed a waiting list would be drawn up.

We start at 6 pm and finish at 7.30 pm.

A donation of £1 is suggested towards the cost of refreshments, fuel for the mini bus , resources etc but this is not demanded and no count is kept of who puts in and who doesn't.

There is wheelchair access and we do try to have table top activities that all children can access. We are always open to suggestions for resources to help children overcome difficulties and enjoy a night out.

Donations of outgrown toys are welcome, if they are not  suitable we can pass them on to our Mums and Tots or to a charity.

The purpose is to give children a chance to socialise and have fun in  a safe caring environment. Jesus tells us to love one another and He made time for the do we  :)



Youth club is open on  the Saturdays of the half term holiday in February.

On the 11th February we had some visitors from the Hyde Bangladeshi Women's group . They shared a video , made by themselves and starring their young people to  tie in with HATE CRIME WEEK - an awareness campaign in the borough. We have discussed this at Sunday school and youth club before, but it was interesting to join in and see the many ways people can be hurt by discrimination in many ways.  Just looking at all the children who attend it is possible to see that most of them could be victimised for one reason or another... we could have made the video ourselves!

We have the example and the words of Jesus to guide us...He said "a new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you"  IF we all tried to follow those words there would be no hate crime.  We are also told to love our neighbours as ourselves  and we are even told to love our enemies -so we have no excuse to turn against anyone for any reason-do we??? NO !!

We are being asked by the children about days out again . At present the weather is toooo horrible . The usual walks are mudbaths and the pony looks like a hippopotamus so I am saving the country trips for a bit longer. We will do our best to get going  as soon as things dry out a bit!

We have had several new children attend and a couple of parents stay to have a brew and a chat, This is a really nice development  of the night, if there is younger brother or sister who would enjoy playing but are too young to be left, with mum or dad around it is not a problem for them to stay and play too.

That's all for now. Let's see what next month brings xx






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