Outreach in the City




One day a week we take food, and some small essentials such as socks underwear and wipes.   We do not give these things so we can preach to them about Jesus.   We give because The Lord put it in our hearts and we do it with love, these unfortunate people could be anyone of us.  This ministry is about helping and building trust, showing that there are people who DO love them, and that God loves all his children, after all they are his lost sheep.  Since doing this we have built up trust with these needy people, we are on first name terms with quite a lot of them, not once have we had a bad reception.  We ask if we can pray for them, now they ask us to pray for their wellbeing, God is truly great.

We often have tears, not tears of sadness but tears of joy, the spirit breaks through chains are broken, it is not a quick process it is a long term process but God is certainly moving.

When this picture was taken I recognised the lady whose tent it was, she had been in the press the day before shown as being violent, she admits to being an addict, but on this day and on subsequent meetings she has been so quiet and weloming, she talks with the girls so nicely and always lots of hugs and kisses and prayers.  On the day of the outburst and unless you are there you only see one side, no one had a good word to say about her she was vilified by a member of the local council and others, however, the complainant was a girl of 16 pregnant with twins, John 8:7 says - let those who are without sin cast the first stone.  Manchester has had a crackdown on what it calls aggressive beggars, in all the time I have been on those streets I have never come across an aggressive beggar or homless person.   



It is not legislation or arrests or crackdowns that are required, it is PRAYER that is needed and the more PRAYER the better.  Mathew 21:22 And whatever things you ask in Prayer, believing, you will receive.