The Thursday Club meets every Thursday, at 1pm for Knitting Nattering,Crochetting and discussions.  Knitting is for worthwhile causes such as blanket squares for under privelleged countries like Malawi.  Fish and Chip babies in Malawi were so call because there were no blankets to wrap them in so they used Newspaper, just like we used to buy Fish and Chips.


and of course Tea and Biscuits to sustain energy.

Our Special Thursdays


Thursday comes round once again

Another week gone by.

We gather together to knit and natter

To laugh and sometimes cry


It is good to  share experiences

With friends both old and new

And find that in our varied lives

That we have all had problems to


But, here we are, alive and well

I will put that in Italics

‘cos sometimes as the days go by

we feel like we’re fanatics


One minute up and the next minute down

Oh! When will we be stable

We have to put our trust in God

For only he is able


To stem the thoughts that overwhelm

And push the panic button

Stop! Halt just breathe awhile

Is Jesus’s instruction


What would we do without you Lord

To quell each mounting fear?

He simply says, Just Trust in Me

‘cos I am always near


I will never forsake you

I’ll meet your every need

Just lean on Me and trust My love

I’ll be a friend indeed


So thank you Lord for being here

At each Thursdays Knit and Natter

Helping us to fix out thoughts

On things that really matter


Like caring, sharing, laughing loving

And helping one another

To live our lives closer to you

                                                                         And closer to eachother