Welcome to our youth page.


NEXT GENERATION is the name chosen by the young people for their group because that is indeed what they are.  They meet every Saturday from 6.00 until 7.30 p.m. 

As a change from the technology driven entertainment children seem to have these days there are numerous activities on offer such as board games, construction resources; small world play for younger ones; puzzles, guitars and a keyboard; table tennis and badminton. They have the opportunity to socialise and take part in the range of activities, making friends and mixing with different age groups, including the volunteering adults who make up numbers for games and offer refreshments and assistance wherever required.

The older children mix with and support the younger children; teaching new games and acting as role models. They all help organise the resources at the end of the sessions, learning to take responsibility and share in the work load.  They are encouraged to be respectful and caring to each other, to be responsible for the resources and their environment and to relate to other people away from their familiar family, friends and school circles.

During the evening ten minutes is always set aside for a Bible based story as this is a church- run youth club. The children hear that they are all unique and valued. They hear about caring for each other and extending that love into the wider community.

Children of school age may attend without a parent or guardian but parents are welcome to stay with younger children and enjoy a chance to socialise with other adults while their children play. A donation of a pound per child each Saturday is put towards the cost of refreshments and mini bus use.

When possible in school holidays there are day trips out.  These can involve a few of the group or as many as fit in the mini bus...These can be trips to the nearby country side for walking, with or without a dog and a Shetland pony to join us. We have trips to the cinema or play activity centres- and sometimes two day/one night camping trips if weather and workers permit. The aim is for the young people to have an opportunity to enjoy some time away from studies and chores, build friendships and grow into a generation of adults we can be proud of.

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