Sunday School

Our NEXT GENERATION  Sunday school takes place during the morning church service which starts at 10:30 a.m.

The children work through different topics from the study of Christianity. The topics are planned to suit the age and understanding of the group.

Over the years the children have learned about famous Bible characters and events. They have had stories from the Old and New Testaments and built a timeline to see how everything fits together. The children have done role play to bring stories to life, sang songs, had art and craft activities, performed Nativity plays and home written plays. Topics are changed so that the children do not get bored with the morning routine and if we have visitors we can do a "one off" session to meet their needs and save our  planned work for another week. At present the children have all attended for some years and this term are up to a serious reading around  of Scripture, similar to the adult Bible study night, but this is tempered with some creative work- poster designing at the moment- to share their thoughts and understanding.

If we have visitors or new attending children we can use another room to run a junior Sunday school with simple stories songs and craft ideas. 

Many adults have no understanding of the Bible since  it has  become unfashionable to teach it in its fulness. This means there is a generation growing up with no knowledge of what the Scriptures contain. The Bible and the teachings of Jesus have been behind the great charitable movements in our civilisation, from  health care to free education,  welcoming the needy stranger and looking after the weak in society yet much has also  been done in the name of religion completely contrary to the very teaching of the Bible, which is why we believe we need to study it carefully to understand what it says and our place in God's plan, and then we need to pass it on- to the next generation.




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