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Onward International Bible College of Advanced Ministry

The Onward Bible College is an interdenominational institution. It is a Bible based college founded primarily to serve the needs of those who desire to study the Word of God.

We offer a wide range of ‘ Distance Learning’ and day study programs leading to Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor awards. Candidates are accepted regardless of race, colour or financial status. Courses are provided at several levels to take account of the varying needs of each candidate.

Aims and Objectives

To uphold and promote the ministry of God’s Word, to encourage men and women who are called to preach His Gospel, to pastor churches and to further the proclamation and defence of the doctrine of free and sovereign grace by offering ‘distance learning’ and day in house study that are spiritually useful, intellectually stimulating and practically relevant.

We want to work with all who share the doctrinal basis, to affirm and display the centrality of the Bible in worship, preaching, church life and mission, to defend the truth, to voice the evangelical perspective on theology and ethics and to declare ‘all the counsel of God’ Acts 20:27, without fear or favour.


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